The Challenges Of Treating Vertigo

Your family,your friends,even your doctor do not understand the depth and width of your vertigo. The social stigma is

sometimes harder to deal with than the actual medical condition.

Vertigo runs the range from Menieres Disease to BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Posistional Vertigo) and medically is not

recognized as disease but rather a set of “symptoms”. How many other “ill” people have to deal with fear,anxiety,

physical illness while friends and family believe they are not sick but simply drunk.

Finding a support group is possibly the most important step you can take. Loneliness and alienation are a daily trial

with vertigo. Web sites and forums where you can interact with people with the same challenges can literally be a life

saver. How terrible it must have been before the internet when your only course was to sit alone at home for months

at a time, not interacting socially.

Be prepared to lose friends, most will not understand your illness and may even make fun of you. Take advantage

of websites like this one. Feel free to contact me at anytime, leave a comment, or use one of the social media links

(directly below this post).

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About Jim

Trying to treat my Vertigo after being diagnosed in my mid 60's. The sharing of ideas is our biggest weapon in our fight against this terrible disease.
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