My Vertigo Story

We all wish we knew if our vertigo will get better, we all want to jump on the latest sensational vertigo treatment. The truth is that there is hope, that we can be happy again. The truth is that we are in charge of much of our own healing.
For most of us there was no warning, we went from normal to wham!!! on the floor with the world spinning, vomiting, and sweat pouring off. In my personal case that first time lasted for twenty minutes, after twenty minutes I was able to drive home but spent the rest of the day with what I can only compare to an extreme alcohol hangover. The panic that accompanied the episode remained as anxiety, my eyesight was blurry and just felt somehow not right, the whole world was out of balance.
I spent the next two or three weeks sitting in a lawn chair, in a darkened room watching television, Every time I would move the spins would return. Mostly I would just sleep.
My doctor was not available so I saw his office partner who ask a few questBions, poked and prodded a little and announced a verdict of BPPV.
I was beginning to feel sad and isolated.I knew if I was going to get bette that it would be up to me. No one, including me can cure BPPV but I believed I could help myself feel better.
I began with three 25mg Meclizine tablets every day. The physcians Desk Reference says 100 mg daily can be used so the three a day allowed me an emergency tablet if I needed. The meclizine helped a lot settling the nausea and I think even helping the spinning some, the negative is that meclizine makes you spacey and you ”lose the day” and sleep or space all day and all night. I found that some meclizine contains aspartame as a inactive ingredient. Aspartame can actually cause a vertigo episode so I always read labels to make sure any I buy are aspartame free.
My next step was physical therapy. Vestibular rehabilitation is a set of specific physical exercises that creates dizziness. When done with regularity the brain begins to read the movement signals in a way that does not stress the body or mind and the dizzy signals are received as normal. The process is called
I met with a physical therapist twice a week but did the exercises every day (over acheiver that I am I did them many times a day).
I have since added daily Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi has been a very good thing for my balance (both physically andmentally). I do Yang Style, it is not only functional but also very flowing and beautiful.
So that is my vertigo story, I have a long way to go but I have come a long way too. I hope you know that there is hope and if you work hard there is a chance you will get better.
Drop me a comment if you have a story you want to tell.
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Trying to treat my Vertigo after being diagnosed in my mid 60's. The sharing of ideas is our biggest weapon in our fight against this terrible disease.
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